The Ride

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This is our story. It’s an action-packed, faith-led story of terror, excitement, frustration, encouragement, anticipation and love. We hope our journey from fostering to adoption encourages you to jump on board!

We crept up to the station neither of us knowing what to expect. After all, we had never been on a ride like this. It was hard to determine if the screams ahead of us were of terror or excitement. Nevertheless, we held onto each other a little tighter and moved forward.

I gazed into the faces of our fellow passengers as we inched forward…kind of like cattle being led to the end. Some were filled with excitement; anticipation of the ride ahead. The seasoned veterans were easy to spot out as they had either a look of confidence or a cloudy daze. They faced the ride with total and complete trust or with resigned determination.

The first time riders, like us, we’re also easy to pick out. Uncertainty. Fear. Excitement…Something unknown was drawing us and we walked on.

While inching forward in line, we heard screams coming from outside the station that almost made us turn and run…”Are you crazy?” one yelled. “I hope they’re paying you!” called another. Encouraging, gentle voices made their way to our ears over the cries of the doubters. “You can do this! How can we help? We love and support you!” These were the words that pushed us to board the train.

The screams on the track we’re getting closer; pulling us in. We tried not to look at the twisting track and the brightly painted drops and turns. We creaped a little closer as we clung to each other.

The last bend in the line brought us into perfect view of the first hill. An incline so tall it left us speechless; breathless. The train, ascending, was so full of emotions. Up, up it groaned as it’s riders were in for the ride of their life. Seeing the height of their journey, we wanted to turn; to run back to the comfort and safety we knew far from here… we couldn’t run. The screech of metal called us; the anticipation lured us and the encouraging words cheered us on.

The train screamed into the station and loads of relieved passengers scrambled out. The faces of fear were hard to seek out. Excitement lit their eyes and emotion fed their words… “Let’s go again! I’m going for the front car this time…” a few crazy ones screamed, as they raced for their place back in line.

We were next. The train was empty. Those behind us were waiting for us to take our seat in the unknown adventure. It would have been so easy to walk through; to step over and out; to run away from the unknown ride ahead. Instead, we fell into our seat. The safety harness cinched us in. There’s was no escaping. There was no turning back.

The train lurched out of the station. Up, up we jerked. Higher than we’d ever been. It seemed like an eternity until we reached the top. Higher and higher. A few brave ones threw up their arms. We held onto each other and cautiously looked over the edge. Up there you could see things you never wanted to see…We reached the top. There was nowhere to go except down. Down. Down. Halfway through the descent, we threw up our arms and screamed with the crowd. Up. Down. Twist. Turn. We rode on. Screaming, laughing, crying, smiling we raised our intertwined hands and rode on. Twisting, turning, lunging, jolting we rode on. The tunnels were dark but we passed through quickly to lighted, plunging hills that turned our insides out. We rode on. Left, right we hung on a little tighter. We knew the end was in sight.

Screeching Metal returned us to the station. If not for the harness, the ending jolt would have throw us out…kind of like Jonah being vomited on the shore. We were back. Safe. Together. The memories of terror were replaced with laughter. Clings of fear were forgotten and replaced with slaps of victory. Like the crowd before us, we stumbled out, making way for those behind.

We ran out of the station celebrating;  crying and laughing, but the screech of metal behind us has etched a track on our hearts. Gentle voices urge us to return to line… “We love and support you…” is all the encouragement we need.

So here we are, once again, in line for one of the most terrifying, exciting, frustrating and fulfilling, faith-led rides of our life. We are addicted to the adventure, lured by the anticipation and led by encouragement. Want to join us? We will do all we can to encourage you! Just beware…you might end up in line more than once!