Those and These

buy cytotec oral I’ve gone hungry…but only by choice.

I’ve lost those I love…but never from war.

I’ve slept in the cold…but only on a camping trip.

I’ve been deep down tired; bone weary…but only because I’m a mom.

I’ve been separated by miles from the one I love…but only for a short season.

I’ve never floated on a raft…without a destination.

I’ve never lost my home or my children.

I’ve never been desperate, empty, or lost because I had no hope.

I’ve seen the news coverage of the refugees…THOSE people floating. I’ve watched the overloaded boats struggle to shore. I’ve shed tears for the families torn apart. THOSE images have given me nightmares and etched deep places on my soul. THOSE desperate dads and moms…THOSE terrified children…THOSE hopeless grandparents. I want to help. I need to help but they are beyond my reach.

I’ve seen poverty at home. Homeless beggars; tired, cold, hungry and lonely, sitting on a curb. I’ve looked the other way as I’ve driven right by.

I’ve watched families in state offices; empty, lost, separated and desperate and I catch myself hoping that they know that I’m not “one of them.”

I’ve held the hands of orphans; abandoned and abused and whispered this prayer…”please Lord, not me. Send another.”

I’ve sat in courtrooms and heard the excuses of addicted parents struggling to hang on to their children and never shared with them the hope I’ve hidden in my heart.

THESE beggars…THESE families…THESE orphans…are all within my reach but I simply walk away.

My heart may break for THOSE, but my feet could run to THESE.

My soul may long to comfort THOSE but my hands can touch THESE.

Those and these; far away and within arms reach.

I don’t need to travel far. Here I am. Send me.

May my feet run to do God’s bidding, my heart reflect His hope, and my arms share His comfort…Right where I am.

Here I am. Use me.