Confessions of this Foster Mom

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I have a confession to make…When my husband and I were Foster Parents, sometimes I would forget that the children I loved and cared for were not my own. When I wrote this, two of my five belonged to the State of North Carolina…They were not mine. I was just their Momma…

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were eating at a fast food joint with all of our boys. All 5 of them. It’s pretty common to have strangers approach my beautiful family because they are that…beautiful. In this particular moment, all 5 boys were behaving. All 5 were sweet, and in this moment it was easy to love my family.

If you are a Momma, or know one, you know that a Momma can think a million thoughts in one single moment. In the twinkling of an eye, a million complete thought can be processed. So in this moment, as I looked at my beautiful family, not once did I think about the fact that not all of these precious boys belonged to me.

In this moment, the 15 something man-boy…MINE.

The soon to be teenage athlete…MINE.

The sweet, silent 4 year old…MINE.

The 2 year old hole hunter…MINE.

And the precious, crazy haired baby…MINE.

In this moment, they are all mine.

Back to the stranger…As I sat contemplating all that is mine and thanking God for these blessings he has lent to me, the stranger, a man that meant no harm, shattered my think bubble.

“Are these boys yours?”
The moment shattered around me as the stranger looked deep into my eyes.
“Are they ALL yours?” He pressed.
I couldn’t answer his question. He waited for my answer. I couldn’t say anything.

My best friend and husband, could see that I struggled to answer the stranger’s question truthfully. My brave knight and courageous warrior, spoke for me.” Yes Sir!” These boys are hers. She is their Momma.” He said.

The dollar menu burgers and semi-warm fries were passed out and my beautiful family ate. I sat, not able to take a bite.

The stranger tossed his trash and left and this teary eyed Momma thought this…None of them are mine.
Not a single one.

From the first moment I held them, kissed their tiny toes…the moment they stole my heart… that instant, I gave them back to the One that lent them to me.
They are His. I’m just their Momma.

Snow Days

Things I MAY have said more than once over the last few snow days…

-Are you kidding me?!
-What’s in your mouth?!
-Will someone please google poison control?!
-The toilet is not a pool!!
-Are you kidding me?!
-Please get your hands out of your pants!!
-My name is not Miss Ronda!
-Is that blood?!
-Joe! Put your brother down!
-Are you kidding me?
-Seriously, is it only 4:00?!
-Get your head out of there!!
-Relax…It’s only vomit!!
-Stop it!
-Is that…? Oh gross!
-Well clean it up!!
-Wash your hands!!
-Come and eat!
-Has anyone seen…?!
-Why is there dog food in your ears?!
-Where’s your brother?!
-Stop licking the door!!
-Are you kidding me?!
-Is your Dad home yet??