Most Days

buy antabuse online canada I’ve got two items of advice to give…
1) Do not accept any advice that I have to offer and
2) Do not call me Wonder Woman or any derivative of. (Wonder Woman shaves her legs. Who’s got time for that?)

Most days my life is ugly.

Most days I’m terrified that I’m doing this wife and Dude Mom gig all wrong.

Most days my feet stick to the kitchen floor and the laundry pile threatens my sanity.

Most days I roll out of bed not having a clue as to what my day holds.

Most days I just “Wing It” as I whisper a prayer for “HELP!”

Most days the miles under my tires out number the minutes I have to get where I needed to be yesterday.

Most days when I have a plan it’s because yesterday I didn’t have a plan and today I’m just catching up.

Most days I don’t “Wife” well because I’m so busy “Mothering.”

Most days I don’t “Mother” well because I’m so busy “Wife-ing.”

Most days I don’t “Mother” well between the hours of 12-2pm and after 8pm.

Most days I can only “Wife” after 8pm.

Most days I beat myself up for serving Kool-Aid, processed Mac and Cheese and GMO Freetos.

Most days I count the minutes until bed time.

Most days I feel guilty about working too much.

Most days I feel guilty about working too little.

Most days there is dust on the furniture, pee around the toilet and smudges on the windows.

Most days I just want to run away and hide.

Most days there is a stench resembling a poop factory coming from any of my 4 bathrooms. (Ahhh yes. I smell it even now.)

Moments of wonder, moments of gratitude, moments of second guessing…Most days are filled with all of these.

Most days are frightening. Everyday is messy. Some days are awesome. It’s the mystery of each God given day that draws my tired, weary body out of my cozy Sleep Number bed and urges me to do it again.
Most days.

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