I am called…

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I’m glad that I don’t have to march to prove myself.
I’m a proud “kept” woman that loves and appreciates the hard working man that God has blessed me with.

I’m trusting enough to let my husband lead our family and I walk beside him not because he is a tyrant, but because his example sits at the right hand of God.

I’m independent enough to know that tonight, I sit surrounded by the ones I love most, because I want to, not because I’m trapped.

I’m proud enough to mother the children of my womb and those of another, because motherhood is a noble and rewarding profession.

I’m secure enough to cook and
clean for my husband and children because I love them, not because I’m told to.

I’m content enough with my calling to launder endless piles of dirty clothes, not because I have to, but because my doing so shows loyalty to my family.

I’m blessed enough not to desire gold or riches. I have everything I need.

I’m thankful that God has given me the best job ever. I am a wife first and a mom second. If I die today, my life is complete.

Today I celebrate my womanhood not because I’ve carried a sign or made a statement by marching, but I celebrate because I’m living the life God created for me.

Today I contemplate my God given role and I’m so very grateful for the life he has given me and the man that calls me Wife.

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