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My life began 8,035 days ago. Though I’m a couple years older than the 8,035 days since my life began, I don’t really count those before. Those were the days of questioning my position on the planet and wondering when I would see my hoping and longing become reality.

The days before 8,035 were practice, as I wondered my purpose. They were days of longing…days of hoping and days of waiting for true love. I wish that I could say that the days before my life began were filled with patience, but I would we lying. Thankfully, Grace has a way of blotting out the forgettable and in return, magnifying His presence in our incomplete lives.

If my life were a jigsaw puzzle, I would be a thrift store find…A tattered box, with taped corners, holding more then just a few pieces short. Every side is missing a piece or two. A corner piece is MIA and half of the inside pieces are from other boxes left on the thrift store shelf. No matter how hard one finagles, the menagerie of misplaced pieces, will never interlock.

Now add another misfit…another box a few pieces short. It’s truly amazing and humbling to witness God’s patience, as He pieces life together. Despite ones desperate practicing, planning and piecing, God has a way of filling in all the missing pieces when two hearts collide. His joining of two lives, is nothing short of a magnificent masterpiece.

October 14, 1995, my heart collided with a farm boy’s and two thrift store finds, found true love.

Life for us began 8,035 days ago, but if we could go back to day 7…day 186…or day 4,934 we would see the very same thing; God working out all the details…Him filling in all the missing pieces perfectly and completely. We would witness His mercy and grace. We would see His reflection of hope and feel His faithful guidance. We would see His protection and His provision. Though day 8,035 is much different than the honeymoon allusion of day 2, it’s imperfect perfection has been made complete in a frame-worthy portrait.

I am a most blessed woman, as God saw David Ott, as the perfect fit, for my incomplete heart! Here’s to day 16,070 times 2!!